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Wiggling into wellness through a good book

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Our Mission

Stimulate a supportive environment for discussing intriguing perspectives on how to better your everyday life. Small changes accumulate. We hope to guide you through thought-provoking texts that will allow you to pick up tiny habits that make a world of a difference, all from the comfort of your own home.

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a few words from our founder

Welcome! My name is Nicole and I created Bookworm Vitality in order to foster a global community of mindful, healthy, and fulfilled individuals. The truth is you never believe something wholeheartedly until you have experienced it. My parents have always nagged me to watch what I consume, warning me against the negative side effects of everyday products found on store shelves. Yet, the life-altering effects of these store-to-store items never sunk in until I read them on the pages of Super Gut by William Davis, M.D. There are hundreds upon hundreds of health and lifestyle secrets hidden from the public eye in the pages of marvelous books. From curing food intolerances and seasonal allergies to building up habits that last a lifetime, our world’s library is a wealth of knowledge that I would love to guide you through. I am excited to dig deep into research by top scientists and doctors, allowing us to build an ideal lifestyle together. Be your own advocate and get ready to eat through some pages!

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Text "Ready to Wiggle" to (708) 405-6553 to RSVP for our next meeting on Friday, Febuary 2nd.

We meet once every month on Google Meet from

7:00pm till 8:00pm CT

Join us! No fees. No commitments. Just a supportive environment for personal growth. So why not try it?!

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You do NOT need a google account to join our meetings. Join from your computer, laptop, or phone!

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RSVP for the next meeting by texting "Ready To Wiggle" to

(708) 405-6553

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Past Reads:

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On the day of a meeting, simply click "GOOGLE MEET LINK". Then, click "Ask to Join", and the host will let you into the meeting.

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Up Coming Meetings

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Have Questions?

email Bookwormvitality@gmail.com

or text (708) 405-6553